Hello World! Why I started this blog ?

Time and time again I’ve seeked inspiration and mentors.
The sole search for strength when I felt weak, light when things seamed dark, a way when I felt lost.
I have identified myself with some mentors, book or articles I read, and adding to that learning I hope I can share some useful insights with you and help you find some light in and get strength from what I share as my experience and growth pains.
I will share my biggest flops, as well as moments of success of my professional journey.
Flops that made me grow, flops that where necessary for me but can help you adapt and grow faster. Successes that can inspire you and give you the motivation you need to thrive and hustle.
Weaknesses that I have turned into strengths and grew by getting brutal feedback.
A bit about myself,
I started working while I was still in college I was just 18 years old. Started in Door to Door Sales for telecom company launching a new product at the time that was ADSL solutions, and my career evolved from there to various roles always connected to Sales, Marketing or Business Development.
I grew from a Salesman to a Team Leader, Regional Manager, Marketing & Comercial Director, Business Development Director, Country Manager and CEO, always working in TOP companies, in areas like Telecom, Tech and StartUp environment around the world.
I have launched, worked and developed companies in 13 different countries across the globe, stretching from Europe, Latin America and India. In most counties I saw success, others I failed but learnend.
This has been a amazingly and enriching experience across various cultures, and that I had to find a way to adapt and grow.
This blog is a way that I can share these experiences, my growth pains as a professional, a leader, a husband, a father and a common person.
I hope to help, inspire and shade some light to those who read http://www.grouthpains.com
I guess it will also be therapeutic to me as well.
In every post I will leave space for comments, feedback, and hope to be helpful.
Please feel free to send me an email to blablabla@mygrowthpains.com